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"Meddle not in the affair of Gundams~ for you to can go *gish*"

"My body is yours now ..I want you to be my first"Inuyasha to Shippou

26 December
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Hello. If you are really reading this then you must either know me or are realllly bored. My name is Jessica and I live a pretty basic life. Watch anime,clean house... Sleep. I tend to rant ALOT and often bitch about things that make no sence to anyone but me. My best friends are Hank and Angela. I love alot of things. Most tend to run towards anime and Gundam Wing in particular. I love vampires...and Wufei. I am a member of ALOT of GW stuffs like SDQB and the SDDI and the DWPS and am founder of SDTV. I run TWO lj communties Gundamwingicons and Inuyashaljicons.. Feel free to come join.
I am a minion of the Evil Overlord Hex-sama. ...and PROUD OF IT.
I have a great fiancee named Daniel and 2 cats *Butterscotch & Baby Danni*

I have a Harry Potter obsession too. I love the pairing HG/SS (don't laugh). I also have a thing for crossovers as well.

I love Icons (so you should look at ALL my pretty ones)

If you want to talk to me you can find me on LJ under the name ChangJessica or Aim or MSN or Yahoo under the name ChangJessica2x5
changjessica2x5x2 got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

i'm in slytherin!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

i'm in slytherin!

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ChangJessica is an anime lover through and through. She collects models and pictures. She makes icons for fun. She sadly doesn't have a boyfriend. Her best friends are Hank and Angela. She is Wiccan and has three familiars(cats). Her favourite anime is a toss-up between Gundam Wing and Inuyasha. She believes that Wufei Chang loves her. She is delusional.
Strengths: Sweet, Nice, Loving, bitchy, obsessed
Special Skills: Can shoot laser beams out her eyes...also known as Heero Yuy Death Glare #13
Weapons: Stake signed by James Marsters, Skillet of Destruction, Vampire teeth
Favourite Anime Character: Wufei,Inuyasha,Heero,Duo,Quatre, Miruko,Zechs,Vash,Hotohori, Allen,Andrew,Ascot,Bakura,Yugi, Bellmont,Brad,Carl,Carrot,Marron, Cleff,Cloud,Squall,Cyclops,Dante, Darien,Dart,Date,Dauragon,Sion,Kyou, Yuki,Kou,Davis,Eli,Krad,Gabriolis, Gav,Gene,Gleen,Graham,Harry Potter,Severus Snape, Hiead,Hiro,Hisoka,Hiten,Hono, Mosquition,Hyper Sago,Ikki,Inoura, Inuyasha, Irvine,Isamu,Izzy,Jedeite,K,Kamui, Li,andlots more

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Hot sexy bisies lay down on a bed on love!
Divinatory Meanings: It is a card all fangirls dream about. It signifies the joining of two sexy youkai brothers. Love is in the air.
Reversed: Sex,love,hanyou,hentai,yaoi
About them: Inuyasha is a HALF demon (hanyou) who is determined to become like his brother. Sesshomaru is a youkai (full demon) who wants to kill his younger hanyou brother Inuyasha and take his sword.

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My babies!

His name is Wufei. And he is Damn hot ...lol

His name is Duo Jr. I know he will be a perfect ittle Shinigami. I mean look at his egg. If he turns out to be a girl I will name her Une... Either way my baby will terrorize the neighbourhood.